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Activate Your Inner Zen of Calm, Confidence & Charisma

In the Future, This Is What Men Will Use to Get What They Want in Life.

Only You Don't Have to Wait. You Can Start Today.

David needed a miracle. And he received one.

If you had seen David that day, you'll understand why he needed a miracle.

Anxious and depressed, his entire life was crumbling in front of his eyes.

He used to be good with women, but not any longer. Worse, the one woman he loved was fast falling out of love with him.

Not only that, his job was turning into a soul-sucking leech. Tired and stressed, his work suffered.

He wished others would listen to him and respected him more. And yet, he felt increasingly powerless with the people around him.

David was in a dark, lonely place, feeling as if all hope was lost...

...and then he started doing this one amazing thing, and he completely turned his life around!

Now, David is living his best life.

His woman fell in love with him once more, and their relationship grown even stronger than before.

Even better, he's now the one who holds the power in the relationship.

David's life made a complete turn in every way: in his relationships, work, finances and health.

And not only that, other women notice his transformation, and they began to get drawn to him like bees to honey.

Amazingly, David's life has improved tremendously in every way.

People started to pay attention to him and take him seriously. He noticed that it's becoming easy to get people to do what he want them to do.  He commands respect and admiration from his friends, family, co-workers.

What did David do? What's his secret?

Your Struggle Ends Here, Today.

I promise you - in a short while, I will reveal the One Thing that David did that turned his life around.

For now, however, I want you to answer this question for me:

Do you feel that you're always one step short of getting what you want out of life?

And like David, are you in a dark place, exhausted, lonely, and wanting to give up?

Well, you know what? I know exactly how it feels. Believe me because I’ve been there.

Now, there are two important things that you must know. Here's the first:

Understand that you are NOT alone.

Why? Because there are many of us who are in this fight together.

Zen Activator

Remember, you're not alone. We are in this together!

The good news is that because we are teaming up in a group, we can help each other out. In our group, you'll find guys like David sharing their stories and techniques which you can use in your own life for great results.

(I'll let you know how to find this unique community in a while. Keep reading.)

The second thing is to know that it's NOT your fault.

Here's why.

You are playing a game that has been rigged against you.

It's like fighting a war with sticks and stones while the enemy has guns and hand grenades. It's gruesomely unfair. It's a game that you simply can't win.

Nobody told you how to work this complicated machinery called "life". They didn't teach this at school. Heck, they didn't teach this anywhere.

So, who can blame you when they never give you what it takes to handle the challenges that life throws at you?

I mean, let's be real here. You won't get into a boxing match with your arms tied to the back. It's not fair. You'll get pummeled.

So, are you surprised if life kicks you around? After all, you've been living your life with your arms unfairly tied to your back.

And guess what?

You can set yourself free. You can unshackle your arms and get a fighting chance for a happier, more fulfilling life.

Today, you will receive the One Thing that will level the playing field for you.

With Zen Activator, you can be free, right now.

Life doesn't have to be hard. You can decide today to be free.

Most people think that they need to struggle. Not true. With the One Thing, you can sit back, relax and let life unfold.

Life can be hard. And yet, it can be easy.

With the One Thing, it will be easy.

And with the One Thing, your struggle will end, today.

The One Thing That Changes Everything.

Imagine a source of Confidence on demand - so that you are always at your best - and you dominate all situations through the sheer force of your will.

Imagine a source of Calm on demand - so that you are always in control - and you tackle the obstacles that once seemed insurmountable with ease and skillful grace.

Imagine a source of Charisma on demand - so that you attract people to you instantly - and make them do what you want them to do.

What's this source?

The ancient Greek philosopher Pyrrho called it "Ataraxia". Followers of Stoicism call it their "Inner Citadel". Buddhists call it "Passadhi".

We call it the INNER ZEN.

It's your inner reservoir of strength, power and dominance - a source of Calm, Confidence and Charisma available to you on demand.

And most importantly...

The Inner Zen is the One Thing which brings you from where you are right now to where you want to be in life.

Your Biggest Obstacle.

Truth: Your mind has been programmed by society to diminish your Inner Zen.

Every day, you're bombarded with ideas and instructions that suppress your true potential. 

"Work harder"

"Stay in your lane" 

"Accept your fate"

"Money can't buy happiness"

"If you're a man, you shouldn't feel the pain"

I'll admit this to you: it's difficult to break free from this negative conditioning. Not a lot of guys can do it...

...however, for those who did it, they went on to live the happiest life that they had always dreamed of.

Their secret? They have found a way to activate their Inner Zen.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Activate Your Inner Zen.

Command Success. Be Invincible. Achieve Greatness.

ZenActivator Awakens the Hidden Source of Power Inside You.

ZenActivator is a system for activating your Inner Zen.

Your Inner Zen is an enormous power that you never knew you had. It's a power that, once activated, will transform your life almost overnight.

With ZenActivator, you will get to know what the Inner Zen really is. You will understand why every successful man has it. Most importantly, you will learn how to activate it.

You will feel a new power surging inside you, giving you the 3C's - Calm, Confidence and Charisma - enabling you to command success and achieve your fondest ambitions. You will live through life supremely happy - reaping the rewards through only what your Inner Zen can give you.

The potential for a good life is already inside you, but you are not using it. ZenActivator will activate that potential for you.

Achieve Instant Calm

You will be unshaken at any challenge that life throws at you, knowing that you have the enormous power of the Inner Zen in your back pocket.

Acquire Bulletproof Confidence

You will dominate any situation through the sheer power of your will, empowered by your cool-headedness and tremendous self-assurance.

 Radiate Magnetic Charisma

Draw a woman to you with the hypnotic power that she can't resist. Command people's attention charm them instantly and effortlessly.

All It Takes Are 11 Minutes a Day.

Close Your Eyes, Put on Your Headphones and Press Play. Done.

ZenActivator is a suite of audio tracks that play on your desktop computer and mobile devices.

Each ZenActivator track is engineered to guide you in activating a specific part of your Inner Zen in an effortless, relaxed manner.

Simply pick a ZenActivator track, let it play for eleven (11) minutes, and it's done.

The Magnetism Activator

The Magnetism Activator releases the subtle magnetic influence that draws a woman to you - giving you the hypnotic charisma that she can't resist but to fall in love with.

Magnetism Zen Activator

The Courage Activator

The Courage Activator will infuse you with fearlessness so that you can tackle all your challenges with boldness and grit.

ZenActivator's Secret Sauce: The E.V.A.M.A Stack

Here's what that makes ZenActivator so effective - cold, hard SCIENCE. The ZenActivator suite is engineered by "stacking" five of the biggest breakthroughs in cognitive science in the last 40 years: Entrainment, Visualization, Anchoring, Mantric Meditation and Affirmations.

Zen Activator EVAMA stack

What is "Entrainment"?

ENTRAINMENT (or, scientifically, Neural Entrainment) is the science of syncing the brain's frequency with an external audio source. By listening to beats of certain frequencies, the neurons in the brain will fire in a specific pattern. This induces deep mental state for which is desirable for specific neural activity such as deep thinking, meditating, performing creative work and so on.

Keystone research: Cruceanu, Victor D., and Violeta S. Rotarescu. "Alpha brainwave entrainment as a cognitive performance activator."Cognition, Brain, Behavior 17.3 (2013): 249.

What is "Visualization"?

VISUALIZATION is the picturing something you want to do or a goal that you want to achieve. It is a "mental movie" that you play in your mind, allowing you to rehearse the task via your imagination while relaxing your body.

Visualization works because it exploits a loophole in the brain - it can't tell the difference between what's visualized and something which is happening for real.

Keystone research: Honey-Rosés, J., Le Menestrel, M., Arenas, D. et al. "Enriching Intergenerational Decision-Making with Guided Visualization Exercises."J Bus Ethics 122, 675–680 (2014).

What are "Affirmations"?

AFFIRMATIONS are positive statements that we repeat to ourselves mentally. These mental repetitions, when done correctly (and bolstered with the other four ZenActivator practices) will reprogram your neural patterns, making you think and act differently.

Keystone research: Paulhus, D. L. (1993). "Bypassing the will: The automatization of affirmations." In D. M. Wegner & J. W. Pennebaker (Eds.), Century psychology series. Handbook of mental control (p. 573–587). Prentice-Hall, Inc.

What is "Mantric Meditation"?

MANTRIC MEDITATION is a meditative practice where one (silently) repeats a chosen mantra. It is one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to meditate because the mantra serves as centering point, clearing the mind from distracting thoughts.

Mantric meditation blocks intrusive thoughts and suppresses stress levels while lifting your spirits and unlocking your creativity. Repeated practice will lead to better focus and an ability to block negative thoughts at will.

Keystone research: Harne, Bhavna P., and A. S. Hiwale. "EEG spectral analysis on OM mantra meditation: A pilot study."Applied psychophysiology and biofeedback 43.2 (2018): 123-129.

What is "Anchoring"?

ANCHORING is the act of triggering a positive (or negative) response at will. For example, the smell of your favorite food when you were a kid might automatically bring back childhood memories. By deliberately setting the appropriate "anchors", you will have the power to trigger positive emotions whenever you feel like it.

Anchoring gives ZenActivator practitioners the ability to have serenity, confidence and charisma on demand.

Keystone research: Beacon, S. "Anchoring and Reframing—An Aid to the Treatment of Phobic Disorders." Current Issues in Clinical Psychology. Springer, Boston, MA, 1987. 227-232.

Get Free Bonuses When You Join Today.

Three Zan Azahiro's Premium Programs Are Now Included With Your ZenActivator Suite.

Bonus #1: The Zen Activation Playbook

Touted as the new bible for life skills, the Zen Activation Playbook is the de facto manual for masculine spirituality. 

The Zen Activation Playbook will get you off to a flying start on a life-changing journey. Absolutely essential for every ZenActivator practitioner.

Bonus #2: Optimism Activation Workout Program

The Optimism Activation Workout is a simple, structured plan to inject positivity into the way you live. 

This program includes the Optimism Activation Workout Sheet as a bonus.

Bonus #3: GRIP! Confidence on Command

The GRIP! Routine is the Zen Activator practitioner’s version of self-anchoring.

Once installed, this anchor will fire off an intense, positive emotion whenever you want. Think of it as confidence on command, something you can trigger before a crucial task or performance.

The GRIP! Routine is only available as part of the ZenActivator Suite. It's not for sale at any price anywhere else.

These programs will be added to your download area automatically upon successful checkout.

All Your Questions Answered.

Get the answers to your questions about the ZenActivator here. If you have a question which is not answered below, contact us.

What is ZenActivator? What is the Inner Zen?

ZenActivator is an online meditation experience that gives you a source of calm, confidence and charisma on demand. It helps activate the Inner Zen: a man's inner reservoir of strength, power and dominance.

The Inner Zen is what separates successful men from the others who struggle to get what they want in life.

How does ZenActivator work?

The ZenActivator suite consists of a collection of Activator audio tracks. All you need to do is to close your eyes, put on your headphones and press play. Then, simply follow the instructions that you hear inside the Activator track. Each track lasts for ten minutes.

Each Activator track is engineered to activate a specific part of your Inner Zen - Pauseability, Courage, Esteem, Gratitude, Energy, Focus, Creativity and Optimism.

What makes ZenActivator so effective?

One word: SCIENCE.

ZenActivator is a revolutionary approach to meditation that is based on the five biggest breakthroughs in cognitive science in the last forty years: Entrainment, Visualization, Affirmations, Mantric Meditation and Anchoring.

Inside ZenActivator, this is known as the E.V.A.M.A Stack. ZenActivator is effective because it is based on peer-reviewed scientific methodologies, not some New Age fad.

Is ZenActivator is right for me? Is it easy to follow?

ZenActivator is designed for the man who wants huge improvements across every aspect of his life - his relationships with women, his power and influence over others, his career, wealth and health. If this fits into your description, then, yes, ZenActivator is for you.

This program is easy to follow - it is for all ages and levels of meditation experience. Zan Azahiro will guide you through the stages, step-by-step as you experience your transformation as you go along.

What makes ZenActivator different from other meditation programs?

Four ways: (1) ZenActivator is designed for men, (2) it is backed 100% by science, (3) it is free from New Age dogma like "The Law of Attraction" or "Chakra Healing", and (4) it is not based around a "Guru" or a cult of personality.

For more details on how ZenActivator is different from other programs, scroll down to the next section.

Will ZenActivator cure my anxiety / insomnia / stress disorder / other medical problems?

The ZenActivator Suite is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any physical, mental or medical problems. Our intention is to offer tools and information to help you improve your emotional and physical well-being. It is not a replacement for professional medical treatment. Please consult your doctor.

Do I need to know how to meditate?

You do not need prior experience with meditation. ZenActivator works for both the complete beginner and the seasoned meditator.

Do I have to practice everyday?

For best results, we recommend the "10/10 Formula" - devote ten minutes a day to your ZenActivator practice for the first ten days.

Then, after that, you can use ZenActivator anytime you wish. After seeing their personal transformation, many ZenActivator practitioners choose to practice daily. It's entirely up to you.

Do I need a special place to use ZenActivator?

You will need a quiet and comfortable place where you can be distraction-free for ten minutes. Additionally, ZenActivator works best with headphones.

Is ZenActivator safe?

ZenActivator is completely safe, and is based on a proven meditation practice that has been around for decades.

How much is ZenActivator?

$69 per month. You may cancel anytime you like. There are no contracts, and there are no hidden fees.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is. Your purchase is protected by our 60-day money back guarantee. If you want a refund, all you need to do is to send us an email.

Will ZenActivator work on my device?

ZenActivator works on virtually all modern devices and platforms. The ZenActivator tracks stream directly on your device, and you do not need a special software to play them.

What happens after I make the payment?

After clicking on the "Get Started Now" button at the bottom of this page, you will be transferred to our secure checkout page. Here, enter your personal and credit card (or Paypal) details, and when your payment is successfully processed, you will receive your login instructions over email immediately.

The entire program is delivered online through our proprietary ZenActivator platform, and nothing is ever sent to you via mail.

If you have not received your login details upon successful checkout, contact us. We reply within a few hours the most (often immediately).

What will appear on my credit card bill?

On your credit card bill, you will see a charge from CLKBANK*. ClickBank is the name of our payment processor. It handles all our credit card and PayPal payments. There is no mention of, the ZenActivator Suite or Zan Azahiro.

What Makes ZenActivator Different?

Meditation programs are everywhere. They all make the same claims - increased confidence, reduced anxiety, better sleep...

What makes ZenActivator different (and better) than other programs? Here are four ways...

Designed for men.

ZenActivator is the world's first (and only) meditation program for men. It is developed with the modern man in mind: to help him overcome the unique challenges in his life. Most (if not all) other meditation programs are designed for feminine needs - largely irrelevant to the modern man.

ZenActivator is designed for the masculine.

Based on science.

ZenActivator is built on a stack of scientific breakthroughs: Entrainment, Visualization, Affirmations, Mantric Meditation and Anchoring (known as the E.V.A.M.A Stack). These have been validated and peer-reviewed rigorously for the last forty years. They work, because they have been proven scientifically.

ZenActivator is 100% backed by science.

Free from New Age dogma.

You won't find New Age fads like the "Law of Attraction", "Chakra Unblocking", "Third Eye" and "Astral Projection" inside ZenActivator. Many of these ideas are questionable, and at most, plainly ineffective.

ZenActivator is (refreshingly) free from New Age fads.

There's no Guru to follow.

Meditation programs are often infused with Guruisms and cults of personalities. With ZenActivator, there's no Guru to follow. You have the power to helm your own transformation.

With ZenActivator, you won't need a Guru.


❝No man can succeed in life without the subtle power of his Inner Zen. ZenActivator releases the full sweep of your potential to be the man that you are destined to be.

Upgrade Your Life Today.

You Can Access the ZenActivator Suite in Less Than 5 Minutes From Now.

You'll also get the Zen Activator Playbook, the Optimism Activation Workout program and the GRIP! Routine free. Offer expires when fully redeemed.

Zen Activator suite

ZenActivator is only $69 per month. No extra costs, no contracts. Cancel anytime.

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