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Pauseability Activator

The Pauseability Activator will equip you with the ability to act calmly even in the face of chaos, like a ninja in a street fight.

Magnetism Activator

The Magnetism Activator releases the subtle magnetic influence that draws a woman to you - giving you the hypnotic charisma that she can't resist but to fall in love with.

Esteem Activator

The Esteem Activator will help you develop a strong sense of identity as a man so that you can live your life with iron-clad conviction.

Courage Activator

The Courage Activator will infuse you with fearlessness so that you can tackle all your challenges with boldness and grit.

Energy Activator

The Energy Activator harnesses your life force energy and turbocharges your life with vigor and stamina.

Optimism Activator

The Optimism Activator eliminates negativity from your life and infuse a dose of optimism into your everyday thinking like clockwork.

Creativity Activator

The Creativity Activator connects you to something larger than you as an individual - a rich source of collective intelligence which gives you creative ideas on demand.

Focus Activator

The Focus Activator gives you the power to eliminate pettiness and distractions so that you can choose to work on things that truly matter.

Gratitude Activator

The Gratitude Activator lets you practice gratefulness in your daily life, acknowledging everything that comes in your way that will make you a better man - the man you are destined to be.

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