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Zan Azahiro


Activate Your Inner Zen of Calm, Confidence & Charisma

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ZenActivator Changes the World, One Man a Time.

Extra mental strength

The (Optimism, Courage and Gratitude) Activators give me the extra mental strength I need to get through work and life. I really enjoy using ZenActivator!

Adam Fraser

Phoenix, AZ


Fantastic. I recommend this for men struggling with confidence and emotional self control. Five stars!

Cesar Rivera II

Visalia, CA

Built for men

ZenActivator is built for men and I love it! It made me open up more to others... and I enjoy being more optimistic in life, too.

Angelo Flores

Columbia, MD

Changed my life

I am studying it, absorbing it and letting it become a part of me. Thank you, Zan, for an outstanding program that has changed my life.

Craig Baylor

Fairburn, GA

Helped me tremendously

Amazing product. I'm becoming more confident, and getting women flirty with me! Five stars.

Vincent Keller

Ensisheim, France

Strengthened my nerves

Strange, but my nerves felt strengthened and had something inside me changed as I listened to the Courage Activator. The ZenActivator program is legit!

Kenneth Montalbo

Winnipeg, Canada

In the Future, This Is What Men Will Use to Get What They Want in Life.

Only You Don't Have to Wait. You Can Start Today.

David needed a miracle. And he received one.

If you had seen David that day, you'll understand why he needed a miracle.

Anxious and depressed, his entire life was crumbling in front of his eyes.

He used to be good with women, but not any longer. Worse, the one woman he loved was fast falling out of love with him.

Not only that, his job was turning into a soul-sucking leech. Tired and stressed, his work suffered.

He wished others would listen to him and respected him more. And yet, he felt increasingly powerless with the people around him.

David was in a dark, lonely place, feeling as if all hope was lost...

...and then he started doing this one amazing thing, and he completely turned his life around!

Now, David is living his best life.

His woman fell in love with him once more, and their relationship grown even stronger than before.

Even better, he's now the one who holds the power in the relationship.

David's life made a complete turn in every way: in his relationships, work, finances and health.

And not only that, other women notice his transformation, and they began to get drawn to him like bees to honey.

Amazingly, David's life has improved tremendously in every way.

People started to pay attention to him and take him seriously. He noticed that it's becoming easy to get people to do what he want them to do.  He commands respect and admiration from his friends, family, co-workers.

What did David do? What's his secret?

Your Struggle Ends Here, Today.

I promise you - in a short while, I will reveal the One Thing that David did that turned his life around.

For now, however, I want you to answer this question for me:

Do you feel that you're always one step short of getting what you want out of life?

And like David, are you in a dark place, exhausted, lonely, and wanting to give up?

Well, you know what? I know exactly how it feels. Believe me because I’ve been there.

Now, there are two important things that you must know. Here's the first:

Understand that you are NOT alone.

Why? Because there are many of us who are in this fight together.

Zen Activator

Remember, you're not alone. We are in this together!

The good news is that because we are teaming up in a group, we can help each other out. In our group, you'll find guys like David sharing their stories and techniques which you can use in your own life for great results.

(I'll let you know how to find this unique community in a while. Keep reading.)

The second thing is to know that it's NOT your fault.

Here's why.

You are playing a game that has been rigged against you.

It's like fighting a war with sticks and stones while the enemy has guns and hand grenades. It's gruesomely unfair. It's a game that you simply can't win.

Nobody told you how to work this complicated machinery called "life". They didn't teach this at school. Heck, they didn't teach this anywhere.

So, who can blame you when they never give you what it takes to handle the challenges that life throws at you?

I mean, let's be real here. You won't get into a boxing match with your arms tied to the back. It's not fair. You'll get pummeled.

So, are you surprised if life kicks you around? After all, you've been living your life with your arms unfairly tied to your back.

And guess what?

You can set yourself free. You can unshackle your arms and get a fighting chance for a happier, more fulfilling life.

Today, you will receive the One Thing that will level the playing field for you.

With Zen Activator, you can be free, right now.

Life doesn't have to be hard. You can decide today to be free.

Most people think that they need to struggle. Not true. With the One Thing, you can sit back, relax and let life unfold.

Life can be hard. And yet, it can be easy.

With the One Thing, it will be easy.

And with the One Thing, your struggle will end, today.

The One Thing That Changes Everything.

Imagine a source of Confidence on demand - so that you are always at your best - and you dominate all situations through the sheer force of your will.

Imagine a source of Calm on demand - so that you are always in control - and you tackle the obstacles that once seemed insurmountable with ease and skillful grace.

Imagine a source of Charisma on demand - so that you attract people to you instantly - and make them do what you want them to do.

What's this source?

The ancient Greek philosopher Pyrrho called it "Ataraxia". Followers of Stoicism call it their "Inner Citadel". Buddhists call it "Passadhi".

We call it the INNER ZEN.

It's your inner reservoir of strength, power and dominance - a source of Calm, Confidence and Charisma available to you on demand.

And most importantly...

The Inner Zen is the One Thing which brings you from where you are right now to where you want to be in life.

Your Biggest Obstacle.

Truth: Your mind has been programmed by society to diminish your Inner Zen.

Every day, you're bombarded with ideas and instructions that suppress your true potential. 

"Work harder"

"Stay in your lane" 

"Accept your fate"

"Money can't buy happiness"

"If you're a man, you shouldn't feel the pain"

I'll admit this to you: it's difficult to break free from this negative conditioning. Not a lot of guys can do it...

...however, for those who did it, they went on to live the happiest life that they had always dreamed of.

Their secret? They have found a way to activate their Inner Zen.


ZenActivator is a godsend– it has eased my social anxiety and helped me to be confident. (The positive effect) has spilled over to the other parts of my life.

Bobby Cooks

Allison Park, PA

Joyful progress

It's like a little joyful progress from day to day in every aspect of my life. ZenActivator is now fixed inside my daily routine.

Nick Doerig

Basel, Switzerland

Helped me focus

ZenActivator has helped me focus on what's truly important to me. I can sit and listen to the Activator tracks and feel better... these are the times I need (peace) the most.

Jess Campos

Los Angeles, CA

Exponential power

ZenActivator combines several meditation techniques that increases its power exponentially. Five stars.

Nicu Miron

Lippstadt, Germany

Helped me tremendously

I'm at a better place in life now with ZenActivator. Helped my meditation tremendously. Very useful, thank you!

Ashif Oomar

Paris, France

Controlled my emotions

The ZenActivator Suite has helped me in managing and controlling my emotions.

Rian Rebayla

Bohol, The Philippines

The best

The Pauseability Activator is the best. I use it anytime I feel irritated or angry so I can think clearly.

Roger Lyckestahl 

Drammen, Norway

Five stars

I'd give it nothing less than five full stars.

Kolbe Perez

Ogden, UT

A great investment

Powerful NLP and anchoring processes. Stunning visuals. A great investment!

J. Smith

Jonesboro, AR