Shoguns love ZenActivator

Changed my life

I am studying it, absorbing it and letting it become a part of me. Thank you, Zan, for an outstanding program that has changed my life.

Craig Baylor

Fairburn, GA

Helped me tremendously

Amazing product. I'm becoming more confident, and getting women flirty with me! Five stars.

Vincent Keller

Ensisheim, France

Strengthened my nerves

Strange, but my nerves felt strengthened and had something inside me changed as I listened to the Courage Activator. The ZenActivator program is legit!

Kenneth Montalbo

Winnipeg, Canada


ZenActivator is a godsend– it has eased my social anxiety and helped me to be confident. (The positive effect) has spilled over to the other parts of my life, too

Bobby Cooks

Allison Park, PA

Joyful progress

It's like a little joyful progress from day to day in every aspect of my life. ZenActivator is now fixed inside my daily routine

Nick Doerig

Basel, Switzerland

Helped me focus

ZenActivator has helped me focus on what's truly important to me. I can sit and listen to the Activator tracks and feel better... these are the times I need (peace) the most

Jess Campos

Los Angeles, CA

Kills anxiety

ZenActivator kills anxiety and stress, putting me in the frame of mind to tackle life's challenges. Excellent program.

Christopher Collins

Albany, GA

More charisma

I now have more charisma with women! I vibe easily with anyone and my interactions are smoother, too. Thank you!

Greg Lott

Racine, WI


The ZenActivator give me moments of calm in a masculine-centric way, incorporating uplifting and enriching elements into my day.

Jay Marcus

Oxford, United Kingdom

Exponential power

ZenActivator combines several meditation techniques that increases its power exponentially. Five stars, thank you

Nicu Miron

Lippstadt, Germany

Helped me tremendously

I'm at a better place in life now with ZenActivator. Helped my meditation tremendously. Very useful, thank you!

Ashif Oomar

Paris, France

Gave me inner peace

ZenActivator gave me inner peace. And people have noticed the fearlessness and superior confidence in my walk

Gordon Fiddler

Alberta, Canada

I love it

I love it. Simple but effective! I use ZenActivator in the morning to get my day going

Desmond Hill

Detroit, MI


I give ZenActivator five full stars

Kolbe Perez

Ogden, UT

A great investment

Powerful NLP and anchoring processes. Stunning visuals. A great investment!

J. Smith

Jonesboro, AR

Extra mental strength

The (Optimism, Courage and Gratitude) Activators give me the extra mental strength I need to get through work and life. I really enjoy using ZenActivator!

Adam Fraser

Phoenix, AZ


Fantastic. I recommend this for men struggling with confidence and emotional self control. Five stars!

Cesar Rivera II

Visalia, CA

Built for men

ZenActivator is built for men and I love it! It made me open up more to others... and I enjoy being more optimistic in life, too.

Angelo Flores

Columbia, MD

The best

The Pauseability Activator is the best. I use it anytime I feel irritated or angry so I can think clearly.

Roger Lyckestahl 

Drammen, Norway

Controlled my emotions

The ZenActivator Suite has helped me in managing and controlling my emotions

Rian Rebayla

Bohol, The Philippines

I feel like a new man

I feel badass confidence. I feel like a new man. I love it!

Konstantin Lomeyko

New York, NY

Zen Activator

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